Friday, January 24, 2014

Restaurant Review: Han Sung Korean BBQ

Han Sung Korean BBQ - lunch on January 14, 2014
I'd been bringing lunch to work but when my coworker Michelle wanted to go out to lunch, it didn't take much arm twisting to consign my leftovers to dinner and go out to lunch instead. For this excursion, we went to a Korean BBQ place I've gone to once before. Although they're set up to enable you to barbecue at the table, we both opted for the lunch plates. Not only would it be faster but we wouldn't need to leave the restaurant smelling like barbecue for our afternoon meetings.
Service was a little bit slow as it took them awhile to take our order. Once we had ordered though, the food came out fairly quickly. Michelle got the bibimbap with all the little side dishes she was in the mood for.
Bi Bim Bap
I went with the lunch plate special of bul go gi that comes with the beef, rice and pot stickers. It was good although the bul go gi as a lunch plate wasn't as good as I remembered the separate entree of bul go gi to be on my prior visit. Bul Go Gi is usually one of my favorite things to order in a Korean restaurant because it's always so flavorful and I love the marinade. This was still good but seemed more like a beef stir fry than a traditional bul go gi.
Bul Go Gi lunch plate - $8.99
Overall this place was fine for a quick lunch but I'd say it was a bit average, considering its competition in Koreatown. It can compete on price as they offered lunch for under $10 but for flavor, I'm more inclined towards Beque Korean Grill or Jang Su Jang.

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