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Harrods Food Hall

Harrods Food Hall - visited December 27, 2013
Although being all girls and my nieces and I had to go to Harrods, it almost goes without saying that we never really intended to buy anything or to actually shop there. Far too expensive! For fun, one of my nieces checked the price of a menswear cashmere sweater and had us guess how much it was. We went up to 250 GBP before she informed us it was 680 GBP. Over $1100 for a sweater? Um, no thanks.
Fortunately, what we could afford was found in Harrods' Food Hall. Located on the street level/first floor, it's packed with people as well as different types of food. Think upscale farmers' market meets Whole Foods but housed inside Harrods.
So many different options to choose from! We hadn't planned on eating at Harrods as we had already had lunch at The Folly at this point and already had picked out our choice for dinner.
But since we were there, we each got something to take away for later. My nieces opted for a brie, sausage and cranberry meat pie. The individual-sized pies were 50% off and took up most of a length of a display case so presumably they were on sale because there were so many to sell, not that they were "day old".

Still being of the mindset to try local British food, I opted for the scones, a plain one and a chocolate one. C'mon, you can't go to London and not try a scone in some form. Although I didn't eat them until the next day, I thought both were pretty good. They would've been better warm but were still tasty. Surprisingly, I preferred the plain scone over the chocolate one. I didn't think the chocolate was necessary to the scone and the plain one allowed the butter flavor to come through better.
Chocolate scone in the bag
My nieces liked their brie, sausage and cranberry meat pie quite well even though they had it a day later as well. So much food, so little time....
Brie, Sausage and Cranberry Meat Pie from Harrods' Food Hall
If you're ever in London, I think Harrods' is worth a visit, even if you're not a shopper or don't want to spend hundreds of pounds on a cashmere sweater. It's an experience worth having, especially if you stop off at the Food Hall and get yourself a bite to eat.

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