Sunday, January 19, 2014

Restaurant Review: Comptoir des Crepes

Comptoir des Crepes - lunch on January 2, 2014
Since we had been thwarted by not finding a creperie the night before, for our last meal in Paris, we knew we wanted crepes. Fortunately, the area near our hotel was known as Creperie Row so it was easy to find a crepe place before we picked up our luggage at the hotel.
Comptoir des Crepes lived up to its name by offering a variety of both sweet and savory crepes. In France, savory crepes are more commonly known as galettes. I had been used to thinking of galettes as the open-faced easy version of fruit pies, easier to make and more rustic looking. French galettes are savory crepes made with buckwheat flour while sweet crepes are made with wheat flour.
Thai galette
As with crepes, galettes can take any number of "fillings". My nieces went ethnic with galettes of a Thai and an Indian flair. I stuck to the more traditional with jambon, emmental and egg. I wasn't expecting the egg to be over easy and I normally don't like runny yolk but this was good. The galette was crisp without being hard and there's no such thing as bad cheese in France so the emmental was a good touch.
Galette with jambon, emmenthal cheese and egg
The galettes were also light enough that we had room for dessert crepes as well. Although, let's face it, we would've probably gotten dessert anyway whether we had room for it or not. When in Paris....
Banana and Nutella Crepe
Since I have a love for bananas and nutella, especially together, my dessert crepe was an easy choice. There's just something good about caramelized bananas paired with nutella that says "pick me! pick me!" My nieces wanted something different that they'd never had and normally wouldn't get at home so they got the Pistachio Cream Crepe. It was like a lighter-than-custard but heavier than foam texture, definitely tasting of pistachios, also a good choice.
Pistachio Cream Crepe
Comptoir des Crepes isn't very fancy but it serves good food at reasonable prices and is a good option if you're searching for crepes. It was a fitting ending to our sojourn in Paris before we headed back to London for our last day of vacation.

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