Sunday, November 29, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015 Meal 2

Thanksgiving, November 26, 2015
As Thanksgiving weekend draws to a close, I hope all of you who celebrate it had a good one. We got back yesterday from spending a few days at my sister's where we had our second Thanksgiving meal of the year.
This one was a combination of American and Filipino food. There was the traditional turkey, complete with stuffing and mashed potatoes. My sister got a fresh turkey and I have to say, although I'm not a fan of turkey, this was probably one of the best I've had. Much more flavorful and moist. One of the reasons I don't care for turkey is it's often dry, no matter how well it's been cooked. Not this one; it was moist and tasted pretty good.
Pancit Bihon
The Filipino side was represented by the lechon (roast pork) and a traditional version of Pancit, a Filipino noodle dish, similar to Chinese chow mein but with "bihon" or rice noodles. My sister softened them in water and steamed them with soy sauce. That was pretty tasty too.
Mashed Potatoes

Green beans
It was snowy at my sister's and had stormed the day before we arrived. Thankfully, the snow limited itself to just enough flurries to cover the ground but not enough to stop us from getting around.
View from my sister's backyard
And of course, my sister's dogs joined us in the festivities. Apologies the picture is a bit blurry but it's hard to get them in the same shot, much less to get them to look or stand still. That's Dougie, her Newfoundland on the left and Sammy, a chocolate lab/Keyshawn mix on the right. Both were very well behaved and always fun to spend some time with.

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