Thursday, November 12, 2015

Restaurant Review: Cicero's Pizza

Cicero's Pizza - dinner on October 24, 2015
I’m still on a quest to hit all of the Top 10 Pizzerias in South Bay. Fortunately, one is near where my cousin Christine and her family live so we were able to arrange to meet for dinner there. Now, y’all know I’m not a fan of the thin crust pizza. For me, it’s thick crust all the way with some chewiness to it because, you know, bread.
But Cicero’s made the Top 10 so I was trying to be open-minded and everything. It was in a weird-to-me location of being in a strip mall next to a chain grocery store. Like the typical cookie cutter place I would likely pass by because you don’t want to take the risk it won’t be good because it looks so strip-mall conformist. But thank goodness for the internet and social media whose recommendations I can cautiously and optimistically take. Because if I hadn’t, I would’ve missed out on really good, thin crust pizza. 
Because that’s what Cicero’s was. My prejudice against thin crust pizzas is they’re either often soggy (because thin crust) or have the chewy consistency of cardboard. Or what I imagine cardboard would be like to chew on. Not so with Cicero’s. It was good! Crispy but not hard with just enough chew that it wasn’t quite a flatbread pizza but an honest-to-goodness thin crust pizza. We went with the all-meat combo (for my cousin and her son) and the Canadian bacon and pineapple for me and her husband. Although rest assured I had both and enjoyed both.

Cicero’s has a casual atmosphere. You go up to the counter, place your order, they take your name, you seat yourselves at a table then when your order is ready, they call out your name and you go back to the counter to pick up your pizza(s). While the inside of Cicero’s is still more strip mall than upscale or downscale pizzeria, their pizza is anything but strip mall. It’s really good pizza. I’m already looking forward to going back. 

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