Sunday, November 15, 2015

Icebox Treats

Icebox Treats - visited October 24, 2015
So when you’re already full from pizza, the thing to do is go out for ice cream cookie sandwiches nearby. At least it’s the thing to do if you’re me and my cousin Christine. Especially since Icebox was on the Top 10 list of ice cream places in the South Bay. Yes, I know, me and my foodie lists. But with the plethora of places to eat around here (lucky me), you have to have some kind of criteria because there isn’t enough time, money or waistband room to go to them all.
If I thought Cicero’s was in a weird location by being in a strip mall, Icebox is even more peculiarly located by being at the corner of an office block attached, semi-attached or just in front of an apartment building. Super weird! It’s not like you’d get a lot of shopping mall traffic. But hey, they made the list so off we went.
Their retail concept reminds me of Cream in that you can pick your cookies and your ice cream flavors and they’ll make you an ice cream sandwich. The girl behind the counter even asked if we wanted our cookies warmed up. (YES!) Or, if you want something smaller, you could opt for macarons instead of cookies for your ice cream sandwich. Novel idea. But since I don’t like macarons, I stuck with the cookies: chocolate chip on one side and snickerdoodle on the other. 
They offered some standard ice cream flavors like chocolate and vanilla but there were also Filipino flavors like ube (purple yam) and mango, making me wonder if the owners were Filipino. I went for one of my classic favorites: coffee almond fudge. 

Having a full-size ice cream sandwich after eating pizza was not my smartest decision because I didn’t have enough room for it. In hindsight, I should have also gone with vanilla ice cream as the coffee almond fudge was more chocolate than coffee so it was a little too rich for me. Vanilla would’ve been a little less overwhelming to my taste buds. Lastly, next time I’d get the snickerdoodle for both cookies in the sandwich because it was softer, easier to eat and went better with ice cream. 
Overall, Icebox was good. I don’t know if they would stand out against Cream but if you’re not like me and want a macaron ice cream sandwich, they have something Cream doesn’t offer.

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