Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Restaurant Review: Scott's Seafood

Scott's Seafood - lunch on January 18, 2014
For my uncle's belated birthday celebration, my cousin took us all out for lunch at Scott's Seafood a couple of weekends ago. I haven't been to Scott's in years, possibly not since business school and a recruiting function where you had to balance the fine art of schmoozing, making a good impression as a job-seeking student and nibbling on whatever was circulating the room at the time without spilling anything or in any way disgracing yourself.
Inside Scott's
Fortunately, this occasion was much more relaxed than that. The restaurant is sizable and there weren't that many people there for lunch so we had a good portion of the place to ourselves. Our table was already laid out with brunch menus when we arrived and our waiter was very attentive and provided great service. He was able to accommodate both my dad's order of angel hair pasta with prawns and my uncle's order of a 16-ounce steak even though neither were on the brunch menu but were on the regular dinner menu. It's the mark of a good restaurant that they can provide that kind of flexibility to their customers.
Calamari Appetizer
I can't speak to the calamari appetizer since I don't eat calamari but everyone else seemed to enjoy it. My mom and my aunt both got the salmon with the fingerling potatoes. Allow me a bit of ignorance as I hadn't realized before that "fingerling" potatoes were so....literal. I'm not entirely sure I found the presentation all that appetizing because when you first glance at the dish, the potatoes really do look like fingers. Stubby ones but fingers nonetheless. Color me a little turned off. Fortunately I think the taste of the dish was better than how it looked.
Salmon with Fingerling Potatoes
Angel Hair Pasta with Prawns
16-ounce steak
I was still channeling my inner Brit so I went with the fish n chips. But I think my standards for fish n chips went forever higher since my London trip. These were fine and I preferred the skinnier version of the fries here than the fat potato wedges I had in the UK but the fish strips were a bit more greasy than I would've liked. Not that I'm against grease or I wouldn't have ordered something deep fried but there's something unappetizing about seeing a pool of it underneath the fish when I lifted up each piece.
Fish and Chips
We didn't order dessert because my cousin's younger son wanted cupcakes so we planned to trek across the parking lot to Kara's Cupcakes (review forthcoming) but the restaurant was nice enough to bring out a complimentary dessert for my uncle once they learned it was a birthday celebration for him.
Complimentary birthday sundae
All in all, I don't know that I would rave about the food as being a cut above the rest but the service was spot on and very well done. The only other drawback about Scott's is they're located in a strip mall and parking can be difficult to find if you're there during peak hours.

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