Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Singapore Eats Part 3

August 21, 2015
My last day in Singapore wasn’t the same gustatory journey I’d enjoyed earlier in the week, mostly because I had a plane to catch but meetings to take first and a tour of a local facility I had wanted to see for work. But still, I managed to snag lunch at the airport before my flight. And even there, Singapore didn’t disappoint. They had a “24-hour food court” and it had the obligatory KFC and Subway but – woo hoo – they also had local food kiosks. Guess which one I chose?
Yep, had my last Chicken Rice meal before I left. You can’t imagine how happy I was to find it equally good as at the local restaurant with equally delicious rice. The finance geek in me was also happy that I paid only $5 SGD for the meal. I’ve never eaten that cheaply at an airport with food that didn’t taste like it was bought at an airport. Seriously, people who went to KFC or Subway, you’re missing out. I’ve spent almost 6 years blogging about food and this post goes down in my blog history as a write up of something I ate at an airport. Which was better than some of the meals I’ve had in “real” restaurants.
Chicken Rice - Changi airport version
My time on the ground in Singapore was mostly about work and the rest about jetlag so I didn’t have time to shop for gifts to bring home until I was at the airport. I mostly worked out of the airport lounge but fifteen minutes before boarding my flight, I wandered a couple of candy shops (of course) since I typically just bring consumables home. I had asked my coworkers earlier what’s a typical gift to bring back from Singapore and they said pineapple tarts. I was assured I could find them at the airport so I didn’t look for them elsewhere. Alas, I must not have looked in the right places because I couldn’t find any pineapple tarts at Changi. Instead I went with chocolate for my nieces and my parents, slabs of beautiful chocolate, similar to what I buy when I’m in Europe which I can never find in the US and not in the same flavors. For my team back at the office, I bought cookies. I have no idea how Singaporean they are since you tend to lose authenticity when you’re buying at an airport meant to cull tourist dollars but it was the best I could find. At least it was better than bringing back Kit Kats and M&Ms.  

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