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Sibby's Revisited

Sibby's Cupcakes - August 15, 2015
So we have to talk about Sibby’s again. I’ve already written about them before but that was when I was a passive consumer and was able to get a cupcake when someone else ordered them. This time around, I finally got to place my own order and saw Sibby’s Cupcakery in person.
My parents celebrated their 50th anniversary earlier this year and we had a belated picnic celebration for  them at a local park. Since it was meant to be a casual affair and we didn’t want to bother with a lot of cake cutting, dishing out slices, little plates, forks and such, I decided cupcakes were the answer to dessert, especially Sibby’s cupcakes.
They’re easy to order online – check out their website, decide on your flavors then email them at the address provided. I ordered 3 dozen on a Sunday night and received a reply email the following morning. They confirmed my order then we had a follow up phone call to discuss how I wanted them decorated. At first I wasn’t going to spring for custom decorations because it was $6 per dozen for custom. I know, I sound cheap. Frankly, I wouldn’t mind spending the money but my frugal first-generation immigrant parents would be horrified at the cost of the cupcakes themselves, never mind that you have to pay extra for how they look. But 50 years is a big deal and when I was talking to Aryssa from Sibby’s, she said I could pay for custom design for just a dozen cupcakes and not all 3 dozen. That sounded more than reasonable to me and we agreed on a gold and white decorating theme.

Sibby’s doesn’t have a store front but you can either have them deliver (typically a $25 delivery charge depending on your location) or pick them up at Sibby’s baking facility. You just know I’m not going to fork over $25 for delivery so I opted to go pick them up. Plus I wanted to see Sibby’s in person since I’d only ever heard about their facility but have never been to it. I had to pick up the main courses we were having catered by a restaurant right before the lunch so I was hoping to be able to pick up the cupcakes a little early.
Sibby’s website said the earliest pickup could be was 10 am on Saturday unless I wanted them to bake the cupcakes the night before then I could come in earlier. You know I’m a stickler for freshness so I opted for Saturday baking with a 10 am pickup and they promised to let me know if the cupcakes would be ready sooner. True to their word, they called me before 9 am to let me know the cupcakes were ready – score.
I’m not sure what I expected from their baking facility, maybe a warehouse-type location with a stainless steel door you had to knock on and someone would pass through your cupcake boxes when they opened it. Nope. Their location is definitely off the beaten track and doesn’t scream “BAKERY!” It’s in a more industrial setting and the pink Sibby’s sign is the only splash of color on the block.

I walked in through a screen door to find a bustling hive of activity. Cupcakes everywhere in various stages of cooling and being decorated while pink cupcake boxes were stacked all around. It was very much a commercial kitchen with its ovens and refrigerated units and everyone busy with a job to do. They pulled my 3 boxes out of the refrigerator and showed me the cupcakes. I had expected only 1 dozen cupcakes to be custom decorated and the rest to have the regular Sibby’s look so I was pleasantly surprised to find all 3 dozen were cloaked in gold and white frosting and piping. The $6 custom fee I paid were for 4 designs appropriate for a 50th anniversary and they kindly spread those designs equally amongst the cupcakes. The non-custom-designed cupcakes were equally festive with demure decorations that kept in the gold and white theme.
I had paid for the cupcakes over the phone so all I needed to do was pick them up. They showed them to me to get my approval and pointed out which flavors were which. One of the Sibby’s folks even helped me with the boxes out to my car. It was a really nice experience all around from ordering to pick up and, of course, to eating.
The cupcakes were amazing. I had ordered red velvet, lemon, salted caramel, dulce de leche, coconut and carrot. OMG. OMG. Let me say it again, OMG. I already knew what the red velvet, salted caramel and carrot tasted like from previous tastings. I can now also tell you the coconut was delicious, the dulce de leche was good (although I admit I liked the salted caramel better) but OMG, the lemon was the best. The best. Light, fluffy, perfect lemon flavor. I had gotten 6 of each flavor and the lemon went first. My niece is still a little bitter that she didn’t get to taste it after I raved about it. Hey, you snooze, you lose. Especially when it comes to cupcakes. 
Multiple thumbs up yet again for Sibby’s Cupcakery. Not only are the cupcakes delicious but the whole customer experience was excellent and I’d recommend them hands down if you ever need cupcakes. I still harbor hopes that they’ll go on Cupcake Wars, win the $10,000 prize and open up a retail store front. Then I can “drop by” 25+ miles from my house to get a cupcake. It could happen.

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