Friday, September 18, 2015

Campbell Creamery

Campbell Creamery - visited August 22, 2015
Just a quick blog post and it's more of a shout out for a local business than anything else. When I went to meet my friends for burgers at Brown Chicken Brown Cow, I walked right by Campbell Creamery and had to pause.
First it was ice cream. Second, it proudly proclaimed to be locally owned. Good enough for me.
I can't claim to be a particular gourmand when it comes to ice cream. I can tell the difference between really high end premium ice cream and really sucky low-end ice cream. For the spectrum in between, I'm not sure my taste buds are all that discerning.
But I do know this was good ice cream. I went for a small and paid a few bucks, which is on par with normal ice cream parlor prices. And, as always, I like supporting my local small businesses.

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