Friday, September 4, 2015

Cookie Butter Favorites

Cookie Butter Favorites
Another compilation of my favorite recipes, this time those involving cookie butter. You can use Biscoff which was the original cookie butter or the Trader Joe’s version called Speculoos. I used to treat them interchangeably; Biscoff is available at Target and, once in a blue moon, at Costco while Speculoos is only at Trader Joe’s (as far as I know). However, there are subtle differences between them. Biscoff is creamier and more akin to peanut butter in terms of spreadability. Speculoos is also easy to spread but you have to give it a stir or two first. I actually prefer the taste of Speculoos over Biscoff but I still like them both. And yes, in a blind taste test, my picky taste buds can taste the difference.

Given my past prejudices against combining chocolate with cookie butter (two dominant flavors fighting rather than complementing each other in my opinion), it won’t come as a surprise that none of my favorite cookie butter recipes include regular semisweet or milk chocolate. Instead, white chocolate prevails as it’s far more complementary to cookie butter than “real” chocolate.

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