Sunday, December 29, 2013

Bakery Review: Suite Foods Liege Waffles

Suite Foods Liege Waffles - arrived December 11, 2013
Late last month, I bid in an online auction hosted by Tina, author of Pinay in Texas Cooking blog ("Pinay" is the term often used to refer to Filipino women or Filipinas, most commonly used by Filipino women referring to themselves or their fellow countrywomen). She was holding the online bake sale to donate the proceeds to the victims of Super Typhoon Haiyan. Due to my schedule, I couldn't participate as a baker with goods to offer for the auction so the least I could do was participate as a bidder for one of the auction items up for sale.
I bid on and was fortunate enough to win 2 dozen Liege (Belgian) waffles from Suite Foods. I had never heard of Suite Foods but it turns out they're right here in the Bay Area so they're quite local-to-me in San Francisco. My waffles arrived in the mail as promised, each individually packaged. They're billed as sweet and flavorful with crunchy bits of pearled sugar and let me tell you, they don't lie. These waffles are delicious. I put them in the freezer when I got them and I've been having one almost every morning, warmed up in my toaster oven just until they're warm through and through and the outside had a slight crunch but the waffle is still soft. The bits of pearl sugar in the waffle itself add terrific crunch and sweetness. Also as billed, you don't even need syrup or butter on them. I prefer them plain, all the better to savor their goodness, without any distractions. I'm so glad I got a chance to taste these. I checked out their list of retail partners on their website and it looks like I can also find them at Whole Foods nearby once my stash runs out. Nevertheless, I've added their waffle shop on my list of "must visit" places the next time I'm in the city. Highly recommend if you're a waffle fan.

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  1. I checked out their web site and wished I lived there. Every single waffle and waffle topping is something I would love. Can't wait till you go and retire.