Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Bakery Review: Brown Butter Cookie Company

Brown Butter Cookie Company - tried September 5, 2013
2013 is almost over and I've been trying (and not succeeding) to get caught up on all my blog posts. Still not there yet but almost. I meant to get this post up months ago, literally, but it kept getting pushed down my draft list. Technically I've never even been to the Brown Butter Cookie Company on the Central CA coast or ordered from there. But one of my coworkers was visiting her family in Cayucos, CA and was nice enough to bring back an assortment of flavors from there for all of us to try.
She even had them nicely marked in the conference room where we gathered so as I took a half piece of each cookie, I made note of what I was sampling. I also had the foresight to jot down a few brief notes so I could remember my impressions (4 months) later. I tried 6 flavors: Espresso, Coconut Lime, Original, Cocoa, Cocoa Mint and Citrus.
The Brown Butter Cookies are essentially shortbread cookies in a variety of flavors. The flavored ones didn't taste as buttery as the original but they all had the shortbread texture. The Cocoa Mint tasted like Andes candy. I'm not fond of mint and chocolate combined so that was my least favorite. My favorite of all 6 flavors that I tried was surprisingly the Coconut Lime. I say surprisingly because I'm not normally a big fan of lime in sweets. Love it in savory dishes though like my uncle's lime-cilantro marinade for the fresh fish he catches. But the Coconut Lime cookie was really good. I not only liked the lime flavor but also the chewy bits of coconut in the cookie. They were really bitty coconut bits but added a nice chewiness to the cookie.
The Brown Butter Cookie Company does take online orders in case you're not lucky enough to know someone in Cayucos or in Paso Robles, CA where they've opened a new retail store who could bring you back some cookies. I just like their story of being a small family business that two sisters opened and have grown since 2008. Another good source for foodie gifts that can be shipped next time I need to send a present.

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