Thursday, September 10, 2015

Restaurant Review: Brown Chicken Brown Cow

Brown Chicken Brown Cow - lunch on August 22, 2015
I recently came across a link on my Facebook feed that listed the Top 10 Burger Places in the South Bay. That was about as irresistible as click bait was going to be for me so naturally I had to look. Turns out I’ve only gone to 3 of the Top 10. Huh. That’s not even a passing grade. To rectify the lagging oversight, the most natural thing to do of course was corral a couple of friends and say, “hey, let’s try these places!” Being my friends, they obligingly fell in with my plan to check off a 4th restaurant on the list.
Fortunately Brown Chicken Brown Cow was in the neighborhood of one of them so we met there. I have a love/hate relationship with downtown Campbell where BCBC is located. I love all the shops and restaurants there plus it has a small-town/shop local feel that I enjoy. But I hate the parking, especially parking on a weeknight which is nigh impossible to find. Not to mention it takes me almost 2 hours in commute traffic to get there from work and another hour to find parking (you think I’m kidding but I’m not). To save myself and my friends the aggravation, we decided to meet there for lunch on a Saturday instead. If you get to that neighborhood early enough, then finding good parking is feasible and I’m back to loving the area again.
I could see by the address and google maps that it was near Naschmarkt but I didn’t recall ever seeing it when I was on that street. When I got there, it was obvious as to why. When you approach it from the street, you have to go inside the courtyard area and the only thing tipping you off that you’re in the right place is the wall painted with Brown Chicken Brown Cow, assuring you you’re on the right track and only need to take a few more steps to get there.
Cajun Sweet Potato Fries
On the other side of that wall is the restaurant itself. It’s a big small, more diner-sized than full-on restaurant, but there’s indoor and outdoor seating to accommodate patrons. We chose to sit outside since we were having excellent weather and the outdoor tables were covered overhead so we didn’t have to worry about the sun making things too hot.
Garlic Fries
The menu boasted a number of burger options; not just your average burger on a bun with lettuce, tomato, and optional cheese but a number of different additions to a burger, not unlike having different toppings on a pizza. Being the non-adventurous, hold-the-condiments type of eater, I went with the BCBC burger, hold everything but the leaf lettuce and add a slice of cheese. My friends were more adventurous and both got the Lady Marmalade which had bacon is some kind of “marmalade” that had the consistency of orange marmalade but wasn’t necessarily citrusy and had bacon it. I didn’t try it but they said it was delicious.
Lady Marmalade Burger
Personally, I liked my own plain-ish burger (hey, normally I don’t even have them include the lettuce but I was feeling virtuous that day). The burger itself was good, the patty wasn’t too thick or too thin but just right and cooked perfectly to my request of medium. It was comparable to St John’s so I’m glad they both made the Top 10 list.  Our waitress was also friendly and extremely efficient so thumbs up for the service as well. Bonus points that they offered sweet potato fries which had been cooked to perfection. It’s hard not to like sweet potato fries. My friends also ordered the garlic fries and that was delicious as well.
Brown Chicken Brown Cow Burger
I would definitely recommend this place. Once you find it, you’ll want to come back.

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