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Crumbl Cookies review #39 - Cake Batter Blondie and Apple Cider Doughnut (tester)

Crumbl Cookies review #39 - Cake Batter Blondie and Apple Cider Doughnut (tester), visited May 17, 2023 
Cake Batter Blondie
I'm a week behind as these were last week's cookies (well, now almost 2 weeks ago since Crumbl is closed today (Sunday) and I still have this past week's review to do). Last week's lineup didn't thrill me. I'm not a fan of honey, marshmallow or peanut butter so that knocked out 3 of last week's flavors. Crumbl cookies have so many calories per bite that I'm getting increasingly picky about which ones I'll get. Some days I'm in a more adventurous mood and want to try something "just to see" and other days I'm a lot more biased. If I don't like a particular flavor, I'm not apt to like that flavor in a cookie, right?
Menu week of May 15, 2023

But I did want to try the Cake Batter Blondie even though I'm also not a fan of white chocolate chips unless they're paired with macadamia nuts and I'm not a sprinkles fan. But I generally like Crumbl's sugar cookies and brown sugar cookies which this was so I thought I'd try it.
Turns out, my biases were on point. I found this cookie a little too sweet for my taste, made more so because of the white chocolate chips and the sprinkles. It was okay and quite pretty to look at but I would've preferred it without the white chocolate chips and sprinkles. Or else throw some macadamia nuts in there.

Apple Cider Doughnut (test cookie)
Last week's tester at my store was the Apple Cider Doughnut. I had some reservations about this cookie as, while I like apples, I don't love the taste of apple cider. Plus I don't like it when Crumbl does "doughnut" cookies. The middle is the best part and they take it out to be cute. Erk.
On the plus side, I liked the texture of this cookie, both the crisp-but-not-hard outside shell and the inner dense-soft-chewy of the inside. The streusel was also a nice touch. On the downside, sure enough, not a big apple cider fan so the flavor didn't do it for me. I'm glad I tried it but when it's released more broadly, this is a pass for me.

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