Thursday, September 11, 2014

Restaurant Review: Thai Kitchen

Thai Kitchen - lunch on August 24, 2014
My parents and I tried out a new Thai restaurant after church a few weeks ago. We don’t normally go Thai since there aren’t that many Thai options in their town and my parents tend to prefer Chinese or Filipino food. But they’d seen Thai Kitchen for awhile and wanted to try it. I love pad thai so I was happy to try out a new place for it.
We arrived early for lunch and the restaurant was empty. It was actually a pretty decent size for a restaurant and I hope they do more business at other times. We had a very attentive server who seated us and took our order; she was friendly and welcoming which is always nice.
Spring Rolls - $5.95

We started with an appetizer of fried spring rolls, I got my usual pad thai, my dad went with the Beef Fried Rice and my mom got a noodle dish with the wide, flat noodles you normally get with pad see ew. We all shared our dishes family-style; the portions were very generous, considering the $7.95 price point for each order. I liked the pad thai. It was similar to the pad thai from my favorite Thai Restaurant, Krung Thai, and was slightly cheaper. 
Beef Fried Rice - $7.95
Chicken Rard-Nah: $7.95
My mom’s Chicken Rard-Nah was on the spicy side so it wasn’t my favorite but if you like spicy, this is a good option. The beef fried rice had a lot of rice but there was also a decent amount of beef. I also liked that the fried rice was moist and seemed to be made with “fresh rice”, i.e. not leftover, day old steamed rice.  But my favorite was the fried spring rolls – yum. They were crisp but also chewy, tasted great and weren’t too greasy. I could’ve eaten half the plate. For $5.95, it was a great deal.
Pad Thai - $7.95
I liked Thai Kitchen based on what we tried and would definitely go back.

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