Friday, September 6, 2013

Restaurant Review: Pho 99

Pho 99 - lunch on August 18, 2013
This is another go-to place my parents and I lunch at after church on Sundays.  Similar to Li Zhou, it seems to be a small, independently-owned restaurant that doesn't have its own website so I'm linking to the yelp reviews.  The inside is simply furnished so don't expect fancy but they're clean and they're quick.
We like to get the fried Vietnamese spring rolls as an appetizer - they're 5 for $5.95 and come out fast, hot, crisp and just a little greasy.  I always blot with a paper napkin first then just enjoy them.
They do a good pho here if you're in the mood for hot soup that comes out almost as soon as you order it.  This particular Sunday I was more in the mood for an entree than soup so I ordered the grilled beef and shrimp rice plate.  The shrimp is rather sparse (you get 3) but the beef is tender and has good flavor. They also give you a fair amount of rice so it's a pretty good value for under $10.

As with most pho restaurants, they're fast, cheap and filling so they're the perfect place for a quick lunch.

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