Thursday, August 21, 2014

Restaurant Review: Pebbles Deli Cafe

Pebbles Deli Cafe - lunch on August 16, 2014
Last weekend I met my cousin Christine, her husband and their son, Vanilla King, for lunch. Christine was the one to discover Pebbles Deli Café and urged me to try it. It didn’t take much convincing, especially since she tagged me in a Facebook picture of a Bul Go Gi entrée they’d gotten on that initial visit. My favorite Korean food. I’m there.  
They have a 4-star rating on yelp and I didn’t know how crowded they would be at lunch time so we arranged to meet a little before 12 just in case. It turns out this precaution was unnecessary because when we arrived, surprisingly, the café was empty. There’s outdoor seating in a patio area but we opted to remain indoors and had the place to ourselves.

Bul Go Gi Sub on Dutch Crunch Bread
You place your order at the counter, pay for your meal, get a number, seat yourselves and they bring your food out to you. The service was fairly quick, more than 5 minutes but less than 10. I opted for the Bul Go Gi Cheesesteak sandwich, hold the onions – just marinated beef and cheese on a soft French roll. It was like a Korean French Dip but without the dip and with some seriously yummy, tender, flavorful beef. Normally I go sniffing around for French fries to accompany something like this but alas, Pebbles doesn’t offer fries. Instead, you can buy individual bags of chips as a side order like at Subway. In a rare moment of self control, I skipped the chips and just stuck to the sandwich. Which turned out to be a good thing because I ate every bite. It was good. Really good. The bread was soft, the aforementioned tender beef had the perfectly marinated flavor of a good bul go gi and who’s going to argue with cheese melted on top?? 
David's Special - turkey. ham and cheese

Bul Go Gi over Rice
The others enjoyed their entrees as well which again led to my surprise that the café wasn’t more populated during a Saturday lunch hour. A few more patrons came in while we were there but the place certainly didn’t get full. I can only assume it’s much more crowded during the weekday when workers from the surrounding office buildings come by. Hopefully they do a much more brisk weekday business than on the weekends because they’re a good option for lunch any day. The price points were a trifle high and akin to more chain-restaurant sit down places like Applebees, IHOP, Chili’s and Red Robin. My Bul Go Gi Cheesesteak sandwich was $10.95 for essentially just a sandwich. However, I’d much rather spend that kind of money on a small business than on a chain restaurant so I would support a place like Pebbles any day. And get a great meal while I’m at it.
Bul Go Gi Cheesesteak

My cousin and I

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