Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Restaurant Review: Faz

Faz - team lunch on February 24, 2014
The person on my team whose going away party I had baked the Orange Fluff Cake and Salted Caramel Toffee Coconut Macaroons for was leaving so I took my team out for his goodbye lunch. His restaurant of choice was Faz, somewhere we've gone as a team before but I've never written up.
This particular location for Faz is connected as part of the Sheraton and probably gets a lot of business traffic. Which is appropos since it's a good place for a business lunch. It bills itself as a Mediterranean restaurant and it does genuinely have hummus, kebabs, tabouleh and the like but when you add in pizzas, hamburgers and chicken sandwiches, you can pretty much guess it's been Americanized.
Still, they do good kebabs here and the "bread basket" is pita bread so they try. I normally get the kebabs and they come up pretty tender and nicely flavored. They're not as good as Dish Dash but still tasty. It's also convenient that you can make reservations on Open Table and they're not as crowded as other places in the area for lunch. The service is also fairly prompt whenever I've gone. This is definitely a place you can take a number of people to as Faz can accommodate large parties with both indoor and outdoor seating, depending on the weather and your preference. They tend to be busier for dinner than lunch when I've been at both times of the day.
Rolled Chicken and Beef Kebabs
We each got some version of kebabs so I only took a picture of mine to let my long-suffering team be able to eat their meal without me snapping pictures of their entree before they can take a bite. Besides, they all looked alike anyway, ha.
We did opt for different desserts though. Two of us got the coffee mud pie: chocolate and coffee ice cream in a chocolate cookie crust topped with chocolate sauce and sprinklings of chopped pistachios. I enjoyed it and it's hard to go wrong with mud pie.
The tiramisu was okay - I'm not a big tiramisu fan unless I'm in the mood and it's made with just the right amount of espresso soaking into fresh homemade ladyfingers. Which I don't think this was. Then again, I was also too occupied with my mud pie to take more than a perfunctory taste.
Someone got the cookie sampler which was meant for "2-4 people". It was a good number of bite-sized cookies. I tried one and I can't say I was impressed. The plate looked pretty but the cookie I tried just wasn't to my taste preference. The cookie itself was soft and the filling was some type of sweet substance, possibly honey or some kind of jam, neither of which I liked. So I'd stick to the mud pie for future dessert orders.

Overall, Faz is a good place to go for a business lunch or dinner, especially if you're already around the area since there's not much else out there except the Sheraton and a bunch of office buildings. The menu is varied enough to cater to different tastes and the setting is appropriate for work colleagues and/or casual acquaintances.


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