Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Restaurant Review: Honey Thai

Honey Thai - lunch on February 3, 2014
You ever have one of those days at work when you just want to curl into the fetal position and rock back and forth? If you're the only one having that kind of a day, you shut your office door and hope no one hears the whimpers coming from within. If the person in the office next to you is having a similar day, you consign the leftovers you brought from home to perdition and you both go out to lunch.
Inside Honey Thai
Which is how my coworker and I ended up at Honey Thai. She said it's her favorite place to go to for pad see ew. Ironically, Honey Thai is located near my old condo but I'd never been there before. As always, I like trying a new restaurant - more material for my blog.
The standard soup that comes with the lunch specials has a thicker broth than other Thai restaurants I've been to. It wasn't as spicy which I was grateful for so my bland taste buds were fine with it. Now, I would normally go for the pad thai whenever I try a new Thai place but I was trying to limit my carbs and up my protein intake (I'm going to lose these last 10 lbs if it kills me) so I somewhat reluctantly ordered the Thai grilled chicken instead. It comes with a scoop of rice but I didn't eat much of the rice and focused on the chicken instead. The chicken comes with a side of the house sauce but I'm not much of one for dipping into sauces so I ate it mostly plain. It was okay. The portion size was decent for a meal under $10 and there was definitely enough to be filling, even with skipping most of the rice. I didn't find it too flavorful though despite it being marinaded. That's probably where the sauce I didn't eat comes in.
Thai Grilled Chicken
I did try some of my coworker's pad see ew and she's right; that one was a winner. The flavor was great and the noodles were perfectly done, not too clumpy or thick. If the pad see ew was any indication of their noodle dishes, I will have to return when I'm feeling less virtuous and order the pad thai.
Vegetarian Pad See Ew
Service was a bit slow even though they weren't crowded for the lunch hour. We had to wave the guy over to take our orders and again to bring us the check after we'd eaten. I guess the plus side is they don't try to rush you out. We did that on our own since we both had to get back to the office but it was a nice break from the fetal position rocking-back-and-forth motion I had going on earlier.

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