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Crumbl Cookies review #19 - Kentucky Butter Cake, Nilla Bean, Caramel Coconut Fudge and Lemon Crinkle

Crumbl Cookies review #19 - Kentucky Butter Cake, Nilla Bean, Caramel Coconut Fudge and Lemon Crinkle - May 30, 2022
I'm behind on my Crumbl reviews (just the reviews, not the eating, mind you). I was actually out of town and nowhere near a Crumbl the week of May 23 when the Kentucky Butter Cake, Nilla Bean and Caramel Coconut Fudge came out.
Fortunately, I'm on to Crumbl's ways and went there Monday morning the following week to see if they had any of them left. They did. The only other flavor I wanted out of the current week was the Lemon Crinkle so I ended up getting a 4-pack. Yes, I've decided to stop pretending I can't consume a 4-pack on my own. I did cut each cookie into 4 pieces though, wrapped each piece and placed them in the freezer, doling out 2 pieces a day to enjoy throughout the week. 
Kentucky Butter Cake

Although on that important first day, not gonna lie, I taste-tested 3 of the 4 cookie (pieces). Because, why not. People online were raving about the Kentucky Butter Cake so I'm glad I finally got to try it for myself. I liked it because it had everything I like about a Crumbl cookie in terms of thickness, texture and flavor. Plus, butter.... It might seem a little plain but as a non-frosting person, I don't mind that so much. Mine didn't have a real thick glaze (was it supposed to?) and mine had incorporated well into the cookie and solidified over it. But I still liked it. Not sure it qualifies as "I gotta rave about this one" status but still a good, solid cookie. 

Nilla Bean
Next up is the Nilla Bean. I love Crumbl's vanilla sugar cookies (not the pink sugar) and this was no exception. Also great texture and I love the pure simplicity of good quality vanilla. The only issue I had with this cookie is it had too much frosting. Easy enough to scrape off a good amount as the frosting makes the cookie a little cloyingly sweet but the cookie base was fabulous.

Caramel Coconut Fudge

One of the first Crumbl cookies I ever tried was the Samoa. It was a couple of years ago and I don't remember it that clearly but on the surface, I don't see how it really differs from the Caramel Coconut Fudge. 
Both were good, had a soft sugar cookie base and I will always, always love the caramel, coconut and fudge combination. I liked this cookie and I'm glad I tried it. I'd get it again if there was nothing else on the week's menu I wanted but I could easily interchange this with the Samoa cookie.

Lemon Crinkle

I enjoyed the lemon as well but, like the Kentucky Butter Cake, that's because it too had all the elements of why I like Crumbl in the first place: thick cookie, good texture (chewy, moist, soft, not dry or brittle) and good lemon flavor. 
Although, in all honesty, I could make something similar and actually have. Remember the copycat recipe of this from Lifestyle of a Foodie that I had tried before I had the real thing? That was also quite good and now that I've had the original Crumbl version, I'm still good with the copycat and wouldn't need to get this one again. But overall, this was a good week of cookies, albeit I "cheated" with getting 3 from the previous week's lineup. 

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