Sunday, October 4, 2015

Restaurant Review: A Slice of New York

A Slice of New York - takeout on September 6, 2015
One of the pizzerias listed on that Top 10 list of pizzerias in my area was A Slice of New York. They have two locations and ironically, one of them was just across the street from where I used to live. I never went there back then because it was one of those things that was so close, I figured I could go there anytime. Only I never did and I ended up moving before I could ever go there.

This time around, their other location was closer to me and I wanted to try them so I ended up calling in an order from their online menu: the Rockefeller Center pizza plus a half order of their garlic rolls. They told me my order would be ready in 20 minutes and I dutifully showed up a little over the allotted time.
I went in the middle of the afternoon on a weekend so the place was almost completely empty. However, they did have a few other people picking up their pre-ordered pizzas so I wasn’t the only customer.
Inside this location, as part of the dining area, was an empty NYC subway car, decked out to look like an NYC subway car in keeping with the Slice-of-New-York theme. You can purchase pizza by the slice at the counter as well as order and pre-order pizzas. The counter person got my order rather promptly and I was soon on my way.
The garlic rolls were good but I have to give the nod to the garlic knots from C&O Cucina in Southern California; so far nothing tops their garlic rolls. The pizza itself was also pretty good but I’m rather picky about my crusts. To me, what makes a pizza amazing is how good the crust is. I’m in the school of thick and chewy pizza crusts and that’s how I rank my pizzas: Zachary’s and Patxi’s head the list, Pizz’A Chicago is a close second and Premier Pizza vies for third. 

A Slice of New York was more on the thin side so I would have to group it as good amongst its other thin-crust brethren but it didn’t knock any of my reigning favorites off their pizza thrones. I’d go here again if I wanted a quick and easy slice of pizza but not sure I’d make a special point of going like I would for Zachary’s or Patxi’s.
Rockefeller Center Pizza

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