Thursday, October 8, 2015

Restaurant Review: Lark Creek Steak

Lark Creek Steak - lunch on August 29, 2015
I completely forgot to write this up at the time I went here so my recollection may be a bit sparse. Back in late August, a friend was in town from Florida so we decided to meet up for lunch in San Francisco the weekend she was out here. I rarely go to the city these days since I don’t want to deal with the traffic and taking public transportation requires a length of time only available on the weekends. Which is what I did the Saturday she was here.
We stuck around the downtown area and settled on Lark Creek Steak for lunch. Our timing was a bit early so we were there a few minutes before they opened (we gabbed the entire time while we waited) and had to share the large dining area with only a few other diners who also were eating lunch at 11 am.
My friend is on a paleo diet (most of the time), ignored the bread basket (more for me, ha), made very specific requests to paleo-ize her order of the pulled pork sandwich (just the filling, hold the bread) then threw our server with an order of onion rings. I was used to the quirkiness (I have my own) so it didn’t faze me and he must’ve had experience with all sorts of dietary finickiness as it didn’t take him long to recover either.
I myself went with a burger and fries. I wasn’t up for a steak so a burger seemed like the next best thing. I’ve been to Lark Creek before and I vaguely remember I got a steak on that first visit so I didn’t need to get one again just because I was at a steakhouse. Remember I had no compunction about ordering fish at Alexander’s Steakhouse either.

It was a good burger and the service was excellent so it was a pretty good lunch experience.

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