Saturday, June 14, 2014

Restaurant Review: Kenny's Cafe

Kenny's Cafe - lunch on June 4, 2014, 4.5 stars on yelp based on 51 reviews
You know what I love about yelp? I can search for the most random lunch places and it'll always kick out options I want to try. Usually places I've never heard of before, would never notice if I was driving by and/or wouldn't know whether I should go in or not. Yelp helps take all the guesswork out even just by bringing to my attention that the place exists.
Which is a good thing as I don't know that I would've gone into Kenny's Cafe without checking them out first. Not that there's anything bad about them from the outside but they're in a location I normally don't go to even though it's technically not far from my office. They're located in a very mini strip mall near the airport and it would be all too easy to just keep on driving by. But they got good reviews and I was able to talk one of my coworkers into trying them out with me.
Similar to Big Ed's Buzzard BBQ, Kenny's Cafe is more like a casual eatery than a restaurant. It's bigger than Big Ed's though and offers a lot more choices. They also have a variety of different cuisines so you can either think they have something of an identity crisis or you can enjoy a wide range of options to choose from: Japanese to Korean to Thai to American, whatever suits your fancy. I went with a French Dip for no other reason than I wanted fries and my coworker went with originally what she thought was bibimbap (Korean).  But her order took so long to come out that we suspect she either got someone else's order for a chicken bowl or the kitchen prepared the wrong dish.
That may not sound like an auspicious introduction to Kenny's Cafe but I thought it was a decent place for lunch. Single entrees were mostly under $10 and a combo meal with a side and a drink were in the $11-$12 range. You order your food at the counter, seat yourself at one of the tables in the large open room and someone brings out your food. If you order a drink, you can choose it yourself from the refrigerated cases of soft drinks, bottled water and juices. It isn't fancy but it's simple, good food and, as always, another way to support a local small business.

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