Monday, July 24, 2017

Venchi - Milan, Italy

Venchi - visited June 25 and June 27, 2017, Milan, Italy
There's no way I would be in Italy and not get gelato. Especially when I'm there during summer and it's hot. My fondest memory of eating gelato was another hot day in summer when I was in Florence many years ago. Nothing had ever tasted so good.
But I was willing to keep an open mind in Milan to see if I could get something equally yummy. It's Italy and it's gelato - 'nuff said.
Venchi appears to be a chain, like a cross between an Italian Baskin Robbins coupled with the Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I didn't let myself look at the shelves of chocolate when I found a stand-alone Venchi shop. I was there for the gelato and nothing was going to get in the way.

There was a Venchi near my hotel and I confess, I went back there on two separate days. I probably should've gone for each day I was in Milan. Aw, hindsight.
The first time I went, I got the cappuccino gelato. I don't drink coffee but I like coffee-flavored ice cream. I could've been greedy and gotten a larger size but past experience with the richness of gelato led me to get the small. When something's really excellent, you don't need a lot. Just enough to satisfy but not make you feel sick.
Cappuccino gelato

Cappuccino gelato
Which, of course, gave me an excuse to go back a second time on a different day to try another flavor. I'm not entirely sure because I can't remember the Italian name but from the taste, I think I got a Nutella gelato or something close to it. There was chocolate and there was hazelnut. In my mind, that always equals Nutella. And wowza, it was so good. Smooth, creamy, perfect flavor. Italians know how to do gelato.

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