Thursday, August 20, 2015

Restaurant Review: Max's

Max's Opera Cafe - dinner on July 23, 2015
There was a time when I was somewhat of a regular at Max’s Opera Café. I had different friends who I’d go there with and Max’s had several locations so regardless of where I lived, worked or went to school, there was at least one Max’s conveniently nearby. The main point of going to Max’s was for dessert – at one time they made a killer seven layer bar, an apple pie and a chocolate layer cake. Plus Max’s believed in generous portions. Generous, I tell you.
Then I fell out of the habit of going to Max’s. I’m trying to remember why. One of my friends moved out of the area. Another got busy with her kids. The Max’s closest to me closed its doors. But truly, I think it’s because there was a period where that Max’s closest to me stopped making good desserts. Death knell to my culinary leanings right there.
But I was going out with another group of friends and I suggested Max’s at a different location for (my) old times’ sake.  They had changed the menu quite a bit from what I remember since yes, it’s been that long since I’ve been there. But this location has been there for awhile and seemed the most consistent in terms of its food. They also kept true to the “opera” part of their name and, just like in the old days, they had a singer singing live music to the accompaniment of the piano. I thought she sounded pretty good too.
Basket of warm fresh bread rolls
One of the perks of going to Max’s is the basket of warm bread rolls they serve and each basket has a selection of different flavors and types of rolls. Don’t come if you’re low-carbing or you’re going to miss out on one of Max’s strengths. 
Beet Salad
Roast Chicken
The menu has a decent selection of standard, typical American fare. I went with fish and chips and upgraded to sweet potato fries as did a couple of my dining companions. One person ordered the chicken and mashed potatoes and got more than she bargained for, literally. Max’s does not believe in skimping on its portions. It’s got a standard price point with prices ranging from $15-$20. Not cheap but not super expensive either. I can’t say the food was exceptionally terrific. To be honest, I can’t remember it long after I had the meal so it wasn’t a standout, at least my fish and chips weren’t. It’s a good place to go if you’re meeting others as the menu is varied enough to provide good options for different palates but I don’t know that I’d go out of my way to go there for anything in particular.
Club Sandwich

Beer Batter Fish n Chips with Sweet Potato Fries
The brownie sundae we had for dessert was good but it’s hard to go wrong with chocolate fudginess topped with vanilla ice cream. I would have to use the word “standard” again. It wasn’t bad but I’m not sure I really remember it after I ate it.
Brownie Sundae

Display case of desserts

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