Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Restaurant Review: Alexander's Steakhouse

Alexander's Steakhouse - dinner on August 3, 2015

I’ve been to Alexander’s several times over the years and they’ve all been for company functions. It’s a good steakhouse, a cut – haha – above some of the other ones I’ve gone to and where I’d recommend people go if they want a nicer, classier steakhouse experience. I’ve also only ever gone there for company-sponsored dinners because they’re expensive! They’re good but expensive. You know I don’t mind paying for good food but….did I mention they were expensive?

On my last visit, we were given a separate dining room and a large square table which was nicer than the standard rectangular table since that helped facilitate conversation when people aren’t spaced so far apart. Alexander’s is all about the impeccable service and the classy presentation. Everyone around me ordered either a salad or an appetizer. Having been to Alexander’s before and understanding the ease with which I could slip into a food coma if I made unwise choices, I opted for nothing prior to my entrée but in true classy Alexander form, one of the waiters brought me a demitasse of creamy carrot soup so I “wouldn’t feel left out” while the others enjoyed their pre-dinner nibbles. Such a classy place.
Tuna Tartare
Trio of Sliders appetizers
Shrimp cocktail shot
Carrot Soup taster
For my entrée, once again mindful of food coma potential, I opted for the halibut. I know, who gets fish at a steakhouse? Yeah, that would be me. But it came with cute little siu mai dumplings! A coworker and I split a side order of truffle mac and cheese but unfortunately our server got the order wrong and brought out truffle fries. When we reminded her about our correct order, she brought out the mac and cheese but it was barely lukewarm by then so I don’t know if it had been sitting neglected somewhere before it made its way to our table. It was good but both she and I thought the truffle mac and cheese from Fleming’s was better. That’s the only misstep I’ve ever experienced at Alexander’s.
Halibut with Siu Mai 
Truffle Mac and Cheese

20-ounce prime rib
There were several impressive orders for the 20-ounce prime rib. 20 ounces! That’s almost 7 servings of meat on one plate. I’m not going to judge since I’m a fellow carnivore myself but let’s just say I’m glad I stuck to the fish because by the end of the meal, I still had room for dessert (insert smugness here). I opted for a chocolate dome thing for dessert and my smugness only lasted a third of the way through the dome when I had to concede defeat and no more room in my waistband. It was delicious but I’d had enough.


Of course, no meal ends at Alexander’s until they bring out the cotton candy they’re known for topping off the meal. I have no idea on the history of it or why they do it but that’s what people come to expect when they go there. I’m not a fan of cotton candy myself; that’s one kid experience I never embraced and one my sweet tooth never hankered for. You either like cotton candy or you don’t. I was in the don’t column but fortunately, my coworkers balanced me out by embracing it with enthusiasm. So it’s a nice touch to end a classy meal with something that could appeal to everyone’s inner child. I have an old soul so maybe that’s why spun sugar didn’t do anything for me.
Cotton Candy
In any case, Alexander’s doesn’t disappoint if you want an elegant meal and have some extra pocket money to spring for it. 

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