Monday, July 27, 2015

Restaurant Review: Hong Kong Restaurant

Hong Kong Restaurant - lunch on July 11, 2015
I left my camera at the cabin we stayed at a couple of weeks ago when I went away for the weekend. The good news is my sister and my nieces found it and took custody of it for me. The bad news is I don't have my camera which has pictures of the last few things I baked. No pictures, no blog posts.
So I'm going with this restaurant review for Hong Kong Restaurant since I had taken those pictures with my phone and everyone knows my phone is grafted to my hand so I'll never forget that wherever I go. Yes, I am one of those people. I don''t text and drive though, just so we're clear. And I rarely use my phone for actually calling anyone. I take pictures with it, check my email, surf the web, use it for directions when I'm traveling, keep a running shopping list for whenever I'm at Target or Trader Joe's, consult the Goodreads app when I'm at the library to see what books I've been meaning to check out, log my workouts and eating onto myfitnesspal, log my steps into the fitbit app and check how I'm doing against my friends in our fitbit challenges and so on. With all that, who has time to actually use the phone to call people?
Won Ton soup
Anyway, on to the review. Hong Kong Restaurant is your standard Chinese restaurant. It's less greasy than most so it puts it slightly a cut above the average but it is pretty standard. It offers typical Chinese menu fare with soups, noodles, rice, pork, beef, poultry and seafood entrees. Prices typically vary in the $8-$12 for most entrees.

For the most part, the food is pretty decent. I've had bad Chinese food and I've had great Chinese food. This is almost squarely in the middle in that I've had better but I've also had worse.
Orange Chicken
Steamed Rice
Of the entrees we ordered, my only cautionary tale is the sweet and sour shrimp, while tasty, also comes with the shrimp pretty heavily breaded. I would've preferred a much lighter coating and more shrimp than batter. Still tasty though,
Sweet and Sour Shrimp
It wasn't very crowded when we went early Sunday afternoon so we got pretty good service. I suspect that, like most restaurants, they do most of their business doing catering and with takeout orders. When we've eaten here before, they did a far more brisk takeout business than an in-room dining business.

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