Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Bakery Review: Happy Endings Bakeshop

Happy Endings Bakeshop - ordered February 6, 2015
There’s nothing I like better than finding a local, small business to support, especially one that provides sweets. I was looking for a desserts business where I could order online and have them ship my order to a friend directly for her birthday, all without my needing to take a second job to pay for shipping. I posted what I was looking for in a foodie group I belong to at work and someone recommended their friend’s business, Happy Endings Bakeshop.
It turned out to be a fabulous recommendation with just what I was looking for. I checked out Happy Endings’ website and was hooked on the Treat of the Month subscription. Treat of the Month is just that: a shipment of treats for $15 a month. The monthly treat is at the discretion of the Happy Endings Bakeshop owner, April, and the $15 includes shipping. Sold. I normally like to have some kind of control over what I order since I have picky taste buds and didn’t want to roll the dice on whether I’d like that month’s treat but I had to remind myself this wasn’t for me but for my friend and she was a wider range of tastes.

But I did want to try out Happy Endings for myself before I bought my friend a subscription just to make sure it was going to be good. I bought a 1-month “subscription” for myself for February and immediately got a system confirmation from Happy Endings and later a follow up email from April letting me know that the Treat of the Month would be mailed out on February 17. I had ordered earlier in the month so I had a week and a half wait. The night before the treats were supposed to be shipped out, I had to change the address I needed the package mailed to as I had just had a large package stolen from my front door and didn’t want anymore packages going to my house. April was quick to respond and very accommodating on my request to change the shipping address on my order. As always, that’s what I love about dealing with a small business: personal and caring response from the owner.

I got my package a couple of days later, allowing for an extra day delay because it had to go through our shipping department’s timeline and process. This month’s treat were 3 different flavors of “Let’s Kiss and Make Up Cookies”. From Happy Endings Bakeshop’s Facebook page, the descriptions are:
1)      Peanut Butter: PB cookie with Chocolate Truffle Hershey's Kiss, dark chocolate drizzle, and topped with powdered peanut butter. 
2)      Red Velvet: Red velvet cookie with Hershey's Hugs, white and dark chocolate drizzle, and topped with a red crystal-white chocolate-raspberry sugar mixture. 
3)      Mexican Hot Chocolate: Spicy Mexican Hot Chocolate cookie with Caramel Hershey's Kiss, white chocolate drizzle, and topped with cinnamon sugar and a dash of cayenne pepper. 
Red Velvet
You might want to read those descriptions again and let your mouth water accordingly. Even beyond the goodness of the actual cookies – and yes, they were delicious – the packaging was really cute as you can tell from the pictures. There were 6 cookies in the package, 2 of each kind and each individually packaged and stickered. You might think $15 for 6 cookies is expensive and if you were going to make 6 cookies yourself, it wouldn't cost you $15. But when you factor in the careful packaging and shipping cost, this is rather reasonable. It’s meant to be a “treat”, not a full-on dessert course so I feel like I got my money’s worth. 
Mexican Hot Chocolate
As soon as I sampled the Red Velvet cookie, I emailed April a thank you and promptly ordered a 3-month subscription for my friend. Hers will start with the March treat of the month and I have a feeling I’ll be stalking Happy Endings Bakeshop’s Facebook page to see what it’ll be and tempt myself into ordering my own subscription.
Peanut Butter


  1. Hello , I am looking for a baking pastry chef to help me with my plan to open an artisan bakery here in Legazpi. Can you help me by recommending one?

    1. I'm sorry but I don't live in your area and don't know of anyone there. Have you tried checking into culinary schools and interviewing their students or graduates?