Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Restaurant Review: Reposado

Reposado - dinner on December 9, 2014
Happy New Year's Eve! Sneaking this in under the wire for 2014 (I'm still behind on blogging).

For our holiday team dinner earlier this month, my manager took us all out to Reposado, a Mexican restaurant near our office. Our amazing group assistant worked with the restaurant to provide us with a fixed menu which is typically the most optimal way to handle large group dinners. There’s enough of a variety of dishes that everyone should be able to find something to enjoy, the restaurant gets advance notice of what food is needed, and logistically everything runs more smoothly.
Not being a big fan of Mexican food, I hadn’t been to Reposado before but given the choice to his team about where to go, I voted for Reposado on the strength of the dessert offerings alone. There was a “caramel banana upside down cake served warm with caramel sea salt ice cream” on the dessert menu. Let’s face it, they had me at “carammmmm……”
Shrimp Skewer

Reposado isn’t small but it isn’t too large either. The tables are arranged somewhat cozily but we scored a large countertop table that accommodated the more than a dozen of us at the dinner.  We even had our own personalized menu so we could all see what was coming. We started off with appetizers, moved to salads, were delivered our entrees then dessert. I have to say the service was quite superb. The wait staff moved seamlessly between courses and were prompt in clearing out silverware and dishes between courses.
Green Rice (pesto)
The food was good. It’s still not my favorite but there were some highlights for me, including the I-can-tell-this-is-so-fresh salmon. The chicken mole was less of a favorite, more because I don’t like mole than how the restaurant made it. Mole has chocolate and my brain wants to process that if something has chocolate in it, I should be able to taste the chocolate like I would in a chocolate cake or fudge. But I didn’t and usually don’t in mole. And I didn’t this time either. Bummer. Although maybe it’s just as well since chicken and chocolate just isn’t something I’m culturally used to or have developed a taste for.
Filet Medallions (also very good)
Chicken Mole
We did get asked for our choice between the banana cake and tiramisu as that (besides the salad) was something we were individually served rather than sharing family style. I hardly need to say which dessert I chose. But I was a bit disappointed that the banana cake wasn’t served warm as advertised. The taste was good but I wanted warm. Sigh. First world problem.
Salmon Yucatan

Plantain Chips
Overall, I think Reposado did a really nice job with our team dinner and seems to be a good place to go for such events or even with smaller groups. Get the salmon if you go.
Banana Upside Down Cake

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