Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Garden Harvest

First tomato harvest plus another crop of basil from my garden
Despite my being gone for brief periods of time over the past couple of weeks, my garden managed to survive my absence, thanks in large part to a drenching rain at the tail end of my Barcelona trip which kept the plants fairly well watered during my visit last weekend to my sister's.  When I came back, I was able to do my first harvest from my largest tomato plant that had 3 tomatoes ripen simultaneously.  Plus another large crop of basil, enough to give to my cousin for a pesto dish. Three tomatoes aren't enough to make tomato sauce which is the primary reason I'm growing tomatoes in the first place but I'm putting them in the freezer until I do harvest enough.

I have a lot growing on the vine but they're still pretty small and still green.  Unfortunately I made the novice gardener's mistake of planting the then-seedlings too close together, not realizing exactly how big they would grow or how quickly.  I have all but one plant in tomato cages but even so, they're outgrowing that too.  It'll be interesting to see how they come along by the time summer ends.

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