Wednesday, December 14, 2016

National Cupcake Day (December 15)

National Cupcake Day - December 15, 2016

Tomorrow, December 15, is National Cupcake Day! I've recently posted 2 cupcake recipes from the Sprinkles Baking Book but this post is a compilation of some of my favorite places for cupcakes. A couple of them offer online ordering and shipping in case you're still scouting around for Christmas, Hanukkah or other holiday gifts.

In no particular order, I highly recommend these cupcakeries:

Sift Cupcake and Dessert Bar - Sift is located in San Francisco. I've visited their retail storefront but they also offer online ordering and (to me) reasonable shipping charges, especially if you're sending to someone in California or the Bay Area. My absolute favorite is the Samoa cupcake. This is the one where I even ate the frosting (rare).
Samoa Cupcake from Sift

Sibby's Cupcakery is another local favorite but alas, they don't have a retail storefront and they don't ship so unfortunately, Sibby's is only available in the Bay Area, if you're willing to drive up the peninsula. I'm willing even though for me, it's a drive. But their cupcakes are worth it, especially the lemon and the salted caramel.
Sibby's Salted Caramel Cupcake

The iconic Sprinkles is a sentimental favorite since I consider Sprinkles and Candace Nelson the originators of the cupcake craze. Their red velvet is also a sentimental favorite with me although it's closely followed by their banana. lemon cupcake, pumpkin cupcake, coconut cupcake - well, you get the picture.

Crumbs Bakeshop - I'll be doing its own blog post about Crumbs soon since I visited one of their retail storefronts last month but for now, here's what I wrote about the birthday cupcakes I received in the mail. Having had the real thing in an actual Crumbs location, I can say the mail-order cupcakes are just fine but the having-it-same-day-of-purchase cupcakes were sublime. For food porn, here were a few of their mail-order cupcakes. They do take online orders but be forewarned, shipping is outrageously expensive.

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