Monday, August 29, 2016

Restaurant Review: 1000 Degrees Pizza

1000 Degrees Pizza - lunch on July 16, 2016
I first heard of 1000 Degrees Pizza when it was served as an ad on my Facebook feed. At first I got it mixed up with 10,000 Degrees which is a nonprofit I donate to that helps people get their college degrees. Oops, no, 1000 Degrees had one less zero and churned out pizzas instead of diplomas.
I’m always interested in finding local pizzerias to support. This one is a franchise and they had one close by. Even better, I could place my order online, specify when I could pick it up and plan my errands accordingly. And, best of all, the one closest to me was in the same strip mall where I had to run a couple of errands. When you work a lot during the week, you learn really good time management skills to minimize time spent on the weekends doing grown up things like (endless) errands.
I love ordering online because you can peruse the menu at your leisure, order exactly what you want and pay up front. I did that and went about my errands, timing it so that I arrived at 1000 Degrees a couple of minutes before my scheduled pick up time.
I was there during an off hour so it was rather empty. I let the guy behind the counter know I was there to pick up my order and waited. After a couple of minutes, a man who looked like he was the pizza chef approached me and apologized that my order wasn’t ready yet. There was some kind of snafu or mixup between what I ordered and what he made so they needed a few more minutes. Honestly, I didn’t mind (can’t sweat the small stuff) and he was so nice about it and I could tell he felt bad. I assured him it was okay and sat down to wait. It took another 10 minutes, none of which was wasted since I had my iphone, the kindle app on it and an e-book.
My pizza was boxed and ready to go, piping hot. That was my last errand so I was able to get home and enjoy a late lunch. The pizza was pretty good. It wasn’t deep dish (you know my weakness for deep dish) but as a “normal” crust pizza, I liked it. I had a couple of slices (really, just a couple) and froze the rest to eat later. Can’t beat the convenience, they were genuinely contrite about the mixup and seemed very pleasant. I’d go again. 

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