Monday, August 22, 2016

Bakery Review: Wicked Good Cupcakes

Wicked Good Cupcakes - received July 14, 2016
Every year, you can count on me doing a write up of something my old college roommate, Caroline, sent me from an online bakery. Through her, I’ve discovered Crumbs, Cake Monkey, Sweet Melissa’s and Smith Island Baking Company. This year’s discovery was Wicked Good Cupcakes. I’d heard of Wicked Good a couple of years ago but have never tried them. They were one of the places I looked into visiting when I was in Boston but I’d run out of time in the time I had there to hit a 4th bakery.

Fortuitously though, Caroline sent me a pack of 6 cupcake jars from Wicked Good for my birthday so I got to try them after all. That’s Wicked Good Cupcakes’ lure: they sell cupcakes in a jar. Or, I guess more accurately, layers of cake and frosting in a jar that’s meant to be the equivalent of a cupcake size. Just in a jar and you eat it with a spoon.

My birthday pack included Red Velvet, Birthday Chocolate, Birthday Vanilla, Wicked Good (peanut butter chocolate chip), Tiramisu and Carrot Cake, all nicely packaged and even accompanied by 6 silver plated plastic spoons. As packaging goes, it was brilliant and made for a great gift. It was certainly a pleasure to receive.

Chocolate Birthday
I was less enamored with the taste of the cupcakes themselves. The Wicked Good was my least favorite because I’m indifferent to peanut butter and it was one of the last jars I had tried several days after receiving them so it was a bit dry. The instructions say the cupcakes are best eaten within a week of receiving and there’s no need to refrigerate them; refrigerating will only dry out cakes even further. I tried the chocolate first and it was good but something I could easily make so it didn’t stand out to me. Plus the frosting was way too sweet. The red velvet ended up being my favorite. It was the second flavor I tried and it was still moist. The frosting on all of the cupcakes were too sweet for me so it didn’t help that there was the usual generous amount of frosting on them.

Wicked Good sells their cupcake jars in different-sized packs with “free” shipping but each jar works out to be $10 apiece. The cheapskate in me thinks that’s way too expensive for what you get so bear in mind, you’re paying for packaging and shipping more than cupcake. If you’re okay with that, then it’s worth a try (get the red velvet). Regardless though, I’m always grateful my friend remembers my birthday and sends something she knows I will appreciate and I do. Thanks, Caroline!
Red Velvet


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