Thursday, November 22, 2012

Thanksgiving Dessert Spread

Happy Thanksgiving!  This is my all-time favorite holiday - all the family, friends and food gathered together to express gratitude for everything meaningful and good.  May you all have many aspects of your life to be grateful for.  And did I mention the food?

We're having Thanksgiving at one of my cousins' this year.  Of course, I volunteered to bring dessert(s).  Is it odd that Thanksgiving is such a pie holiday and yet, despite all my baking, pie is the one thing I don't normally make for Thanksgiving?  Probably because I've found my own substitutes for the traditional pies.  We've already established I don't like pumpkin pie (the texture and spiciness is just not my thing) so I sub in Pumpkin Upside-Down Cake with Caramelized Pecans and Cranberries.

Editing to add a close-up look:

For pecan pie, I do Butter Pecan Tartlets.  They're like mini pecan pies but infinitely better.  And much easier to serve for a large crowd.

Now I do like apple pie but I'm making such a variety of sweets that I go for the mini desserts or baked goods that can be portioned small.  Apple cobbler is usually my crowd pleaser but I skipped it this year in favor of:
Glazed Lemon Bars
Coconut Chocolate Chip Bars (recipe to follow in a future post)

I was also going to bake a new chocolate chip cookie recipe as I had already made the dough but I have one more surprise dessert (will post it post-Thanksgiving) and I thought we just might have too much dessert (is that possible?).  Having "too much" is certainly something to be thankful for.

I've gotten my workout in, I'm leaving for Thanksgiving service at my church shortly, then picking up my sister and niece at the airport afterwards.  Then bring on the eats - Happy Thanksgiving!

ETA - here was the other dessert we had: red velvet cake from Nothing Bundt Cakes for my nieces' birthday, a yummy favorite.

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