Sunday, September 13, 2009

A cake should be cakey

Master Recipe for All-Purpose Yellow Cake - January 31, 2009
This recipe is from the Dessert Bible by Christopher Kimball of Cook's Illustrated fame. Now, normally, I like anything from Cook's Illustrated and I like reading about their trials and tribulations testing out recipes. The Dessert Bible is similar to Baking Illustrated, also by Christopher Kimball. I'm sorry to say the recipes I've tried from the Dessert Bible so far have been hit or miss. This one is in the miss category. I tried the orange cake variation of this recipe and it just didn't taste that good. It wasn't very orangey at all and while I could blame the oranges I used for that problem, the cake itself didn't have a very good texture. It wasn't as dense as a pound cake but it wasn't as cakey as a cake cake. At best, it was just "okay".

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