Friday, June 29, 2018

Restaurant Review: Thai Spice, Kansas City (Lee's Summit), MO

Restaurant Review: Thai Spice, Kansas City, MO (Lee's Summit location) - dinner on June 1, 2018
For our first night dinner in Kansas City, Mel chose a Thai restaurant in her neighborhood. It was an excellent choice. While not exactly a chain, she said the owners did so well with their first restaurant that they were able to open two more. After tasting their food, I can see why.
Pot Stickers
We started off with appetizers, crispy-wrappered dumplings, mini egg rolls and fresh spring rolls. The spring rolls had just slightly too much roughage for me but that’s mostly because I’m not a roughage person. The noodles inside were good though.

As always, when trying a new Thai restaurant, my go-to order is the pad thai. That’s my control base from which to assess how good the restaurant is. My standard order is “pad thai, no bean sprouts”. I dislike bean sprouts. They have very little flavor and their crunch gets in the way of the texture I want to enjoy in the noodles. Yes, I have bean sprout prejudice.

Pad Thai
The flavor on my pad thai was really good and I loved the noodles. Only drawback is I didn’t realize the cabbage strips would be mixed in with the noodles, as opposed to sitting primly on the side, there to be ignored by yours truly. Mixed in, they’re harder to ignore and required a little effort on my part to pick out. But I like to enjoy my food the way I like to enjoy my food so I have the patience of Job (not to mention the expertise) to pick out what I don’t want in any dish. Thus the cabbage strips painstakingly had to be separated and designated to a section on my plate that my chopsticks didn’t enter.
Drunk Noodles

Soy Sauce Noodles
The restaurant itself was a decent size, not too small but not that large. The staff was kept busy as the place was popular, despite the relatively late hour of 7 pm-ish when we arrived. Hallmark of a good restaurant when it has a lot of customers, right? Everyone was friendly and hustled to serve us. Thumbs up all around for Thai Spice.

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