Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Restaurant Review: Sara's Kitchen

Sara's Kitchen - brunch on July 23, 2016
I haven’t done restaurant reviews in awhile but I still like to plug small business owners and mom & pop places for people to try. Even if you don’t live where I live and have access to the places I write about, my hope is it prompts you to consider “eating local” at a small business in your area. Eating local to me doesn’t have to be the super uppity gourmand places with high prices, large plates and small portions. And it doesn’t have to be the dive-y greasy spoon where you risk ptomaine poisoning. C’mon, there’s a lot of middle in between there.
Berry Shortcakes
Sara’s Kitchen is the kind of place I’m talking about. It’s small, seems like it’s been there awhile and they don’t have a super glitzy website or marketing gimmicks. They just serve good breakfast and brunch food. I love breakfast and brunch so my biggest problem is narrowing down what I’m going to eat. Because there were lots of good choices on the menu, many of them the traditional breakfast fare that I love. I just can’t eat them all at once.
Extra Crispy Bacon, Scrambled Eggs and Hash Browns

Short Stack (2) Pancakes
This time around, I compromised and got the chicken fried steak with eggs and hash browns with a side order of 2 pancakes. Why, yes, that is a lot of food. I ate the pancakes, a bite of the steak, two bites of eggs, 1 bite of hash browns and took the rest home to eat later that day. Win-win. My friend Shawn got the French Toast combo which came with bacon, eggs and hashbrowns. Both of us liked our respective orders. Was it gourmet? No. Was it good? Yes. All served by some very nice ladies so it was a good experience and one I would recommend.
Chicken Fried Steak, Scrambled Eggs and Hash Browns

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