Friday, July 30, 2010

New Krung Thai - pad thai

Pad Thai - dinner with my friend Cindy on July 23, 2010 at New Krung Thai

One of my favorite Thai restaurants near where I live is New Krung Thai Not to be confused with the other Krung Thai further down the same street. I haven't tried that Krung Thai as I keep falling back to the first one I had ever gone to. Almost without fail I get their pad thai (no bean sprouts - I don't see the point of bean sprouts). They're close to my current house (walking distance) and when I call for a takeout order, they already have me programmed into their computer. Eek. When my nieces come for a visit and spend the night, our usual ritual is to get a hefty takeout from Krung Thai and watch chick flicks while we consume our (double) order of pad thai, soup, pad see ew, fried rice and ribs. No, we can't finish it all in one sitting (although we've come close a few times) and yes, they like having the leftovers for breakfast the following day. Since I don't cook, it makes for a perfect solution.

I've experimented by trying pad thai at other Thai restaurants - Amarin Thai, King of Krung Siam and Shana Thai in Mountain View in the recent past but none of them compare to New Krung Thai's pad thai. When I move, I think this is one of the places I'll miss the most. Although that just means I'll have to drive instead of walk to pick up some pad thai.

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