Thursday, December 29, 2011

Pictorial guide to making lumpia

Lumpia are Filipino egg rolls and I've posted a recipe for them previously but my mom and my nieces made them again for my sister's Christmas party so I took the opportunity to take step by step pictures in case anyone wants to see how to make them.  I think the recipe my mom uses varies slightly from the one I posted, mostly because she doesn't actually use a recipe but it'll get you close.  These are great appetizers to serve at New Year's Eve parties or any other kind of party as a crowd pleaser.

Make the filling mixture
Cut the original won ton wrappers into 4 squares
Place a small amount of filling in a log shape at one corner of the square
Bring up the bottom tip over the filling
Fold the bottom tip over the filling

Fold the left and right corners in like you're making an envelope
Roll the lumpia into a small log and seal the edges with a mixture of cornstarch and water
Line them up and cover with plastic wrap, refrigerate until you're ready to fry them
Deep fry in hot oil until golden brown all over
Drain in a paper-towel-lined colander to absorb excess grease
Enjoy (and workout before and after to offset fried foods :))


  1. Carol, we have made lumpia for years. Hubby was in the navy and had many friends who made this great appetizer. Just went to the oriental food store and picked up the wrappers. Will probably make them for New Years Eve.


  2. Carol, is the meat in the filling uncooked when it's put in the wonton wrappers?

  3. Janice, yes the filling is uncooked when you wrap it in the wonton wrappers - which is why the lumpia should be refrigerated or frozen if you're not cooking it right way. The filling will cook when you fry the lumpia.

    Elaine, hope you enjoyed your NYE lumpia!