Friday, July 16, 2010

Rok Bistro

Today for lunch, a few of my fabulous coworkers (the good ones, haha) took me out to lunch for my birthday at Rok Bistro on Murphy St in Sunnyvale

Evelyn, me and Rhuwena

Rhuwena, me and Jenny

If you've never been there, their claim to fame is, depending on your order, they serve it to you on a volcanic rock heated to 700 degrees so you can cook your entree. Rhuwena and Evelyn got the steak.

They serve it in thick chunks but you're armed with a sharp knife so you can cut it into strips or pieces and cook it more quickly. Be warned though - 700 degrees is nothing to mess with and it'll cook your steak pretty fast and with a lot of splatter. Meaning, best not to go there with dry clean only clothes or if you have an important meeting in the afternoon. Unless you want to go back to work in grease-spattered clothes smelling like cooking meat :). Copious covering with the cloth napkins they provide is highly recommended.

Jenny's order

I got the Chicken Cordon Bleu sandwich (hold the red onions). The chicken was partially cooked and served with the ham on a hot volcanic rock as well so I could finish cooking it. The alfredo sauce and cheese were to the side along with a little cup of fresh fruit. It was the first time I'd tried the sandwich and it was pretty good. I only ate half though to save room for dessert....

My sandwich entree - Chicken Cordon Bleu

Because, let's face it, the real reason to go to Rok Bistro is for the chocolate fondue. During lunchtime, fondue is $9 per person with a 2-person minimum for each type of chocolate fondue. Evelyn is a dark chocolate fan but she was outnumbered by 3 milk chocolate lovers so we ordered my favorite, the milk chocolate hazelnut which is essentially milk, Callebaut milk chocolate and nutella.

The fondue is set on the table which has a flat-top burner in the center and heated atop a pot of water until it's nice, melted, free-flowing chocolate, ready for dipping.

Because you can't have fondue without something to dip into it - their standard platter includes oreo-covered marshmallows, pound cake (Sara Lee), pretzels, rice krispie treats, cream puffs, bananas, pineapple, strawberries and apples. My favorite combination is the banana and chocolate followed by the rice krispie treats, strawberries and pound cake. Never could get into the pineapple dipped in chocolate.

Our server overheard us mentioning my birthday so she surprised us with a scoop of vanilla ice cream sitting atop a volcanic rock - this one frozen so the ice cream didn't melt easily. I thought that was really nice of her! Not to mention she gave each of us a $10 coupon for our next visit. More chocolate fondue! As soon as I workout like a fiend to burn all the calories I consumed....

As always after a fun lunch, thanks, ladies! It was a great start to my birthday weekend!

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