Thursday, May 10, 2012

Chewy Brownies - throw some Snickers in there

Chewy Brownies - made May 5, 2012 from Absolutely Chocolate by the editors of Fine Cooking

My niece and one of her friends ended up visiting me last week and besides having Chinese food for lunch with my parents, watching the Avengers and having the best cheesesteaks in town at a local restaurant for dinner, we also baked our desserts at my place.  As is tradition, I give my niece the choice of what she would want to have that could be found on my blog.  She narrowed her choices down to three then gave her friend final decision rights amongst the three.  He picked the Bruleed Banana Split I made a couple of weeks ago.  Being me, I kept the spirit of the dessert but used a different brownie recipe.  Actually I thought I was trying a new one but it turns out I had already made this recipe and not too long ago at that.  Oh well.

We had leftover brownie batter once I'd made the individual brownies in ramekins for the base of our bruleed banana splits so I used my mini square pan to make little brownies and we stuck a chopped-up square Snickers in the middle of each just because.  The brownies were satisfyingly fudgy and chewy.  The recipe in the link is the original version if you just want a pan of plain brownies but you can also get creative with it and make it the base for your own banana split or adorn it with Snickers, Rolos, peanut butter cups and anything else you deem appropriate.  You really can't go wrong with a nice, fudgy brownie (well, you can if you overbake it so.....don't :)).

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  1. These look veryyyyyyyyyyy tasty!
    I'd love to have a piece (or two!)

  2. OHHHH WOW!!! These look soooo good. Thank for sharing.

  3. These look amazing! Snickers is one of my favorite candies, I never thought to put it in brownies. I will be trying this sometime! Thanks for sharing at Showcase Your Talent Thursday! I hope to see you at the next party!