Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Caramel Brownies

Caramel Brownies - made December 10, 2011

This is just a modified version of Rosie's Award-Winning Brownies.  I had melted caramel leftover from the Holiday Caramel Treats and rather than letting it go to waste, I made Rosie's brownies, spread 1/3 to almost 1/2 of the batter on the bottom, spread the caramel layer evenly over it and covered it completely with the remaining batter.  Voila, caramel brownies.

When I bake with caramel, I try to have it be inside the brownie and covered completely.  Any caramel that bubbles out tends to get a bit too hard/chewy once it cools again.  Whereas if you have it inside, it's still soft-chewy and helps keep your brownie moist.  You can use any brownie recipe with the caramel but I recommend brownies that use more dark chocolate or unsweetened chocolate.  The caramel provides enough of the sweetness and will help complement a dark chocolate brownie.  If you use in milk chocolate brownies, it might be a little too sweet.


  1. Yummo, those look so good, I love caramel in brownies, but it is always so messy I thought.

  2. Caramel brownies are so awesome! Yum, I'm drooling. Thanks for sharing on Crazy Sweet Tuesday. :)