Monday, February 14, 2011

New Zealand - Rotorua

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

The next leg of the trip was flying from Queenstown to Rotorua so we left the South Island (which is glacier formed) to go to the North Island which was formed by volcanoes.  Rotorua is also known as Sulphur City because of the smell.  Here the earth's crust is thin so there are natural hot springs and mud pools.

Didn't seem like much to see in Rotorua but we were also there for only 1 night and by this time I was getting pretty tired so I wasn't up for my usual walkabout explorations.  Our first stop after lunch was a place called Mountain Jade where we were given a demo of how jade is carved then let loose in the showroom to shop.  I didn't buy anything as jade wasn't really my thing and also by this time of the tour, I was pretty shopped out.  I'm not much of a souvenir shopper other than getting refrigerator magnets, Christmas ornaments if I can find them and presents to take back home.  I'm afraid the Rotorua stop didn't make much money off of me.

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