Sunday, February 6, 2011

Australia - placeholder for food eaten in Melbourne

Food eaten in Melbourne - looks like a lot, eh?  But I've been taking pics of almost everything I've eaten, except for the fruit and breakfasts

Pork bun from Breadtop - hardly any filling and most of it seemed like gravy and onion bits as I don't think I saw any pork but the bread part was to die for

Coconut Custard Roll from Breadtop - hands down my favorite

Another meat pie - I love these because they're cheap and filling, although almost too much so

Hazelnut cookie from one of Melbourne's many bakeshops.  This was pretty good except a little big and turns out there's jam in the middle.  I don't like jams or jellies in my cookies (or at all) so I only ate the edges where there was no jam and picked off the hazelnuts on top :). 

Sausage roll - also a common item I see in the food shops.  This one looks deceptively individual-sized but it was so packed with sausage that this could've fed me for 3 meals or even 2 if I was really hungry

Spaghetti Carbonara from Little Italy - good except too many onions on top and a bit greasy down towards the bottom.  But I was in Little Italy so I had to try a pasta.

Just like I had to try a gelato on Lygon St - they let you have up to 3 flavors in their smallest cup so I tried the chocolate, vanilla and coffee - yum.

The apple shortbread cookie from one of the bakeshops in St Kilda - not much apple but the shortbread cookie itself was good.  Didn't finish all of this either - too much.

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