Sunday, July 1, 2018

LaMars Donuts, Kansas City, MO

LaMar's Donuts, Kansas City, MO - June 2, 2018
As part of our weekend of eating, I mean, getting together, Mel had donuts from LaMars waiting for us when we arrived on Friday afternoon and evening, in addition to the red velvet cake from Donnell Chambers and the planned dinner on Friday night at Thai Spice. While we each had a piece of the red velvet close to midnight on that Friday night (given we were already full from dinner, ha), we didn’t get to the donuts until the next day.

Glazed Doughnut
We had an impromptu donut tasting party on Saturday morning after we returned from the dance class at Mel’s gym that she had pre-arranged with her favorite instructor, Angie. Had to work off some calories in advance before we ate some more, ha.
Red Velvet Cake Doughnut

Chocolate Cake Doughnut
As everyone knows, donuts tend to have a short shelf life. Mel had gotten us a variety of cake and raised donuts in different flavors. There were red velvet cake and chocolate cake donuts, original raised/glazed donuts, boston cream pie donuts and raspberry (?) raised donuts.
Raspberry-filled raised doughnut
I’m sure the donuts would’ve been more delicious had we eaten them shortly after purchase. As it was, a day later, the cake donuts didn’t fare well to survive the next day. The flavor was there but they were a little dry to my finicky taste buds. The raised donuts were fine though and fared better. The Boston cream pie was the overall favorite, both because it retained the most freshness and because the cream inside, which helped with the freshness factor, was also delicious. 
Boston Cream Pie Doughnut

Since I’m not a donut person, I’m probably not the best judge and I also have local loyalties to Stan’s Donuts but I can appreciate how LaMars Donuts has withstood the test of time in the Kansas City area and am impressed by their longevity in the business. Next time I go back, I’d love to visit their shop in person.

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