Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Restaurant Review: Thai Noodle, Berkeley, CA

Thai Noodle - dinner on October 18, 2014
After my family and I went to see the Cal vs UCLA game at Memorial Stadium in Berkeley, we all went out to dinner after the game. There were surprisingly a ton of Bruin fans at the game and milling around after so my UCLA niece didn't feel like such an outlier. Except when she sat in the Bears student section with my other niece during the game, of course. Ha.
We went to dinner early enough that we thought we'd beat the post-game crowds but the Thai restaurant my Bear niece took us to was still full when we got there. Not surprising given it was rather small and didn't have that many tables.
Fried Tofu appetizer
Still, we lucked out that a larger group was on the verge of leaving so we didn't have to wait longer than 5 minutes or so for a table to free up.
Fried chicken over fried rice
The menu was rather varied and like, most popular restaurants in many college towns, the price points were reasonable (around $10 more or less) and the portions were generous. I bypassed my usual pad thai when trying out a new Thai restaurant and went with fried chicken over fried rice. Despite my love of pad thai, I have to say the fried rice at almost every Thai restaurant I've gone to has always been delicious. Usually moist without being greasy and always tasty. This was no exception. I don't usually eat a lot of rice but I could eat Thai fried rice more than is good for me.
Duck Fried Rice
My Bear niece got the Duck Fried Rice and that had a fair amount of roast duck in it so that was a good choice.
Some kind of veggie noodle dish

Grilled chicken over Thai fried rice

Veggie spring rolls

Pad Thai with Shrimp
My sister ordered the pad thai and I tried a bit of that. She got hers with bean sprouts though and I dislike bean sprouts intensely since their non-taste, crunchy texture ruin a good noodle dish so I can't say I could evaluate the pad thai with any justice.
Beef and eggplant
I didn't try everything since I was involved with my own order but everyone appeared to enjoy their dishes so I'd call this a good choice. It's pretty casual dining but the food was delicious and when in Berkeley - or anywhere else - that's what matters.

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