Saturday, September 20, 2014

Restaurant Review: Pacific Catch Fresh Fish Grill

Pacific Catch - dinner on September 5, 2014

I met my friend and former coworker, Michelle, at Pacific Catch one night for dinner. I'd never been there before and I think they're fairly new in the area. They're right next door to Paul Martin's American Grill.
Inside, they remind me of Paul Martin's as well, enough to make me wonder if they're owned by the same people. But I checked both websites and they're not. I think the similarities stem from the fact that they're in the same building built by the same developers.
Fish Tacos
Pacific Catch is fairly casual dining and as their name implies, seafood is the typical order of the day. They also offer "pan-Asian" rice bowls if you're more inclined towards that although those also lean towards seafood. But there are beef and chicken options as well. Michelle got the Mahi Mahi fish tacos with sweet potato fries while I opted for the fish and chips with the chips also being sweet potato fries. I love that sweet potato fries are becoming a more common option on restaurant menus.
Fish n Chips with Sweet Potato Fries
The fish 'n' chips were okay. They weren't bad but I don't know that I found them particularly memorable. The fish was a bit bland and I would've preferred the breading to be a bit more crisp. If I'm going the deep fried route in all its greasy glory, I'd like them to be really worthwhile deep-fried goodness; these just missed the mark although the sweet potato fries helped.
Macadamia Nut Brownie
Fortunately, though, we ordered dessert and the macadamia nut brownie that Michelle ordered made the whole visit completely worthwhile. Macadamias are one of the few nuts I'll tolerate in a brownie and this brownie was superb. Rich, moist, fudgy - everything I could want in a brownie. Enough to make me want to go home and bake my own version. Except I couldn't get up from the table until I'd had a few more spoonfuls.
Bread Pudding
My own dessert was bread pudding and while I adore bread pudding, again, this one hit just the "okay" mark with me. Which is surprising considering how much I love bread pudding and tend to look at most bread puddings with a friendly eye. Like the fish n chips, this wasn't bad but it could've been better. It just didn't have the flavor I love in bread puddings. I don't know if it was their bread being just okay or there not being much sugar in the custard. You'd think the caramel covering the top would've provided enough sweetness but I was looking for that in the bread pudding custard itself. I found myself eating more of Michelle's brownie dessert than my own. Fortunately, she was good about sharing.

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