Sunday, January 12, 2014

Restaurant Review: Hong Kong Buffet, London, England

Hong Kong Buffet - lunch on December 29, 2013
This was the Chinese buffet place we went to for a late lunch after the Muggle Tour. Although we could probably have yelp'd to a better place in Chinatown, truth be told, we were so hungry at this point that a buffet of anything sounded like a good idea or else we would've eaten all of our remaining GBPs. This place was "only" 10.95 GBP which, for London, a city we had already discovered is a very expensive place to eat, seemed like a good deal. If you come here though, be warned, it's cash only, no credit or debit cards.
It wasn't fancy but they had a good selection of food including chicken satay, fried rice, several types of noodles, sweet and sour pork, vegetable stir fries with chicken and/or shrimp, and even the ubiquitous "chips", also known as French fries.
I can't say it was the best food I've eaten or the best Chinese food because it wasn't but it served its purpose in satisfying our hunger without emptying our wallet so no complaints. I looked them up later on and one reviewer titled their review as "great price but average food". I would concur with that assessment. No pics of my plate or what I ate but it probably wouldn't have been telling anyway since I only take a scoop of this and a spoonful of that. Not to mention I was too hungry to pause, take out my camera and take a picture.

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