Sunday, September 15, 2013

Restaurant Review: J.T. McHart Pizza

J.T. McHart - lunch on September 6, 2013
J.T. McHart's Pizza is exactly the type of small business I like to patronize.  They're family-owned and operated and have been in business for 25 years (as always, click on the post title to go to their website). The inside is small but I also prefer that as "cozy" over large, dark pizza joints with bad lighting.

You can get whole pizzas or, if you're just going there for a quick lunch, pizza by the slice as a coworker and I did one Friday.  She got the combo slice and I got the Hawaiian.  They serve their pizza with a thick crust and it's loaded with toppings.  I love their crust.  For me, the crust makes or breaks the pizza and J.T. McHart's makes a good one with an excellent combination of just slightly crisp at the edges but satisfyingly chewy throughout.
The pizza slices are also cheap - one slice was $3.25. It's only very slightly smaller than the individual slices from Premier Pizza but for $1.50 less, a much better deal.  J.T. McHart's also does corporate catering and of course, takeout for non-corporate customers.
I've called ahead before and ordered a pizza to go.  Whether you dine in or take out, they're always very pleasant and make your experience there, brief or long, an enjoyable one. Kudos to the McHart family for their longevity and quality.

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